BRAT Club - Bondi Running And Triathlon Club           CEDO - Cedric Sidebottom remembered

Running Energy - City To Surf, Sydney, Australia
City To Surf, Sydney, Australia
Question: Do you know the year?  Clue: It is over 10 years ago. The start of Australia's largest race - over 30,000 runners. And quite a few BRAT Club members. Number 2 is the Commonwealth Gold Medal winner, Andrew Lloyd. Behind him wearing number 1 is Steve Moneghetti, Australia's top marathon runner. And immediately behind him is Alun Watkins is a longstanding BRAT Club member. Slightly further back to the left is Spot Anderson, another longstanding BRAT Club member and top swim coach. We plan to enlarge a numer of parts of the photo to highlight other members of the BRAT Club sometime in the future.
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